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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 12, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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at you deserve anything better than they do. i'm going to make an announcement to the press. and then i'm going to call my broker. captioning sponsored by universal studios domestic television captioned by media access group at wgbh skaz how long has this been
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going on. remarkable attitude than from this man. he feels no anger after serving 14 years for crime he did not commit. >> mainly set back for pension reform in san jose. formal complaint charges the city with taking it to the voter too soon. >> called the automatic driving assistant. tonight 7 on your side michael finy shows you how side michael finy shows you how it could change the way you
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>> good evening. 7 news at finance:00. spiking their drinks. police arrested a present ask teacherting sleeping pills in the toddler's cups. it happened at kitty academy in morgan hill. as heather explains, the parents of kids in that teacher's class are absolutely stunned by this news. and they are angry. police say 59-year-old oly sister resident worked off and on at the kidy academy for 5 years. worked in child care for 20. at the academy she was responsible for 10 children between the ages of 1 and two years old. friday morning she was getting ready for their arrival when a colleague noticed something strange. >> she is preparing water for them. and one of the other employees witnessed her putting something into this, these cups. not all but soil. police say she has admitted it was the adult sleeping pill.
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she was fared medley friday morning. police weren't notified until yesterday afternoon. and she was arrested at her home last tonight. police say it would have been better if they were called right away. >> we certainly would have appreciated it. we could have gone out there and obtained some of the statements of the people that witnessed it that day. we could have gathered some evidence. >>reporter: the 2-year-old chilled was in her care until two weeks ago. the academy did not tell her why she was fired. she found out from her sister who saw it in the news. >> sickening. sick to my stomach want to 3 up. >>reporter: she suffers from seizure and he's going to the doctor to be checked out in case they may have been related to the sleeping pill. she thought the teacher loved cale caleb. >> i'm not angry i'm just. >> sad. >> sad. disturbing. i don't know what to think. >>reporter: woman who owns and
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runs the academy issued a statement saying the safety and welfare of children is our top priority. we have an exceptionally qualified staff of teachers who have chosen early childhood education because of their love of working with children. police say she's facing charges of fell l any and myself demeanor child endangerment. she's expected to be arraigned tomorrow. they have no motive other than the obvious. she just wanted to get the kids to sleep. in morgan hill, heathe heather, abc 7 news. >> pleasanton police are considering criminal charges against a former teacher at center point christian preschool. police say the woman taped a two-year-old girl's wrist and ankle together because the child would not take a nap. teacher later showed a picture of the taped up toddler to co-workers including the child mother who was a teacher there at the time. mother contacted authorities. >> bay area accountant says his life will never be the same after being wrongly accused by police. man picture was posted
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on oakland most wanted for about a month. nick smith with more on the mistake that turned a man's life upside down. >> friend called me and said that i was on the news for shooting. i was lake this must be some practical joke. >>reporter: but he wasn't laughing. he says his nightmare began in february of last year when friend said he was wanted for shooting they had seen this mug shot from an unrelated incident in 2007 and he was being named as one of oakland most wanted criminals. >> i went home and checked the internet and i was shocked. like, like why who will would do this to me. >>reporter: with his attorneys he says he went to police to tell them they have the wrong guy. >> this is not me. let's clear it up. >>reporter: he was quickly thrown in jail. three days later he was relessed. never charged with a crime and never told why or how his name became the focus of a criminal investigation. >> i was shameful. i don't
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know what people were thinking about me. >>reporter: 10 days after the ordeal began he says his name remained on oakland most wanted list. depicting him as violent felon. in fact he stayed on the list for 6 most. in a federal suit he claims the city of oakland chief howard jordan and member of the oakland police department placed him in constant fear for his safety. and as a result he lives from a state of embarrassment, depression and shame. >> some kind of corrective action should have been taken. should have been apology and effort should have been made to have his name removed. >>reporter: the suit does not specify the damages he is seeking and city attorneys will now discuss the merit. >> we need to review the allegations and determine the facts before we can comment at all. i reached out to the oakland police department for xent. spokesperson declined on camera interview instead referring me to the oakland city attorney office. it may up to a judge to decide the legality of this case and everyone may have to have their
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day in court. at oakland police department, 7 news. >> also in oakland man is who is wrongly imprison for 14 years for sex crime he did not commit says he's not angry and just wants to move forward with his life. vick lae spoke with johnny williams today at the at the offices of the innocence project which helped get him released. >> see what the truth was. and put the truth out there. so i feel in blessed. god blessed me. >> johnny williams credit strong faith for keeping his hopes alive that some day he would be exonerated. in 1998 williams then 23 years old was arrested for sexually assaulting then-year-old girl when she was walking to school in east oakland. the girl told her mother that she heard her attacker say his name was johnny. >> victim family new johnny from the neighborhood when they heard the name johnny they
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jumped to a conclusion that it was johnny williams. >> during trillion the girl testified that williams was her attacker. he was sent to donovan state prison in san diego. the 14 years he spent there he said was a living hel hell. but his spirit could not be defeated. >> i ran my book and read the bible and everything and kept me positive. kept me focus on what reality was. >>reporter: reality for williams was his innocence. one day he learned about the innocence project. >> when i seen the people on tv the project doing for other people i said i'll take this chance. i have to write them. >>reporter: this was the letter williams wrote in 2006. that touch the staff at the innocence project. williams said he was innocent. please help. i'm not lying. lawyers for the project received authorization to test the girl's clothing for evidence. they found sperm on the t.sure. which did not match williams dna. on friday alameda county
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prosecutors concluded that williams who had already been paroled was not guilty. >> i have never been mad about this because i knew sooner or later if i stay true to my beliefs in god, sooner or late later, the truth should come out. >>reporter: williams says he bear no, sir animosity toward young girl who testified against him. he wants police to find her real attacker. as for his future, williams says he wants to go to school. find a job. and spend time with his family. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> man accused of driving drunk and killing tremendous people in daly city saturday night had a blood alcohol level of.18 at the time of the crash. that's more than twice the legal little. 28-year-old dennis smith appeared in court today. he's charged with vehicular manslaughter for side swiping a car and killing 3 members of daly city family. he had previous domestic violence and dui charges in santa clara
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county. chase bank web site back up after hackers shut it down today. maybe if you bank with them you experienced this. customers were greeted with this message. chase says the mobile banking applications were not affected nor was customer information compromised. they didn't get numbers or anything leak that in other words. same hacking group targeted bank of america, city bank and capitol 1 and just today the u.s. director of national intelligence and cia director said cyberattacks are growing and bigger threaten al qaeda to the country. just when san jose finally has its budget in order a state agency may throw out the public employee pension reform that many credit for the city balance budget. even though voters overwhelmingly approved measure b last june, abc 7 news reporter david lou has the story from san jose. first battle at the ballot box. should san jose impose pension reform on its workers. it passed by 70% of the vote last june. but now state agency the
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public employment relations board has issued a complaint against the city that it didn't bargain in good faith with employees before putting the he shall on the ballot. >> there would be a trial. there will be as in any other trial witnesses under oath. documents exhibits. arguments. administrative law judge will then issue a sdishtion employee bargaining units are happy state agency issued 4 complaints sporingt the firefighters, 2 engineering units and support staff. mayor think the complaints have no merit. >> met and con feared endlessly for months on end so we have done a great deal of negotiations. they will conclude that we met and did that in good faith. >>reporter: the city has seen the pension obligations grow reaching almost 250 million dollars and rising. budget definite sets grew too. cut become and services and staff. union argue they tried to help instead they say san jose residents have paid a price. >> we are suffering longer
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response time. our citizens are getting less services. crime rates are sky rocketing. homicide rates are rising. >>reporter: process does call for the 2 sides to attempt the settlement. >> labor union in the city remain absolutely available to sit down at any point in time with the city negotiators to meet and confer and bargain over real lawful pension reform. >>reporter: rest logs of this case may not happen until the end of the year after an addative law judge listens to both side in this dispute. at san jose city hall, abc 7 news. >> more to bring you tonight on 7 news at 9:00. surfer file suit over access to bay area beach. coming up. find out why they have the sight set on local billionaire. plus the labor dispute that is threatening to silence san francisco similar funny before one of the biggest shows of the year. >> spencer is here with the weather. >> here in the accu-weather forecast center. looking at
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high pressure tomorrow near 80 degrees in some spots. i'll degrees in some spots. i'll show you where in
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you. >> sour note tonight at the san francisco similar funny. if musician voted unanimously to authorize a strike if talk
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don't make progress. carolyn explains the issues on the table. >> familiar sounds at city hall today. string war at the time from the symphony performed beethoven but the musician say other cities have better contracts than what they are being offered. >> this doesn't acknowledge the fact that there is inflation in the california economy. it doesn't acknowledge the fact that our wages are about 7500 dollars less than our leading peeshtion chicago similar funny and los angeles philharmonic. >>reporter: the average musician salary is 165,000 dollars a year. the union says basic pay is 142,000. management says they provide health care with no monthly contribution. the musicians say they pay for family member members. the similar funny says musicians get 10 week of paid vacation. they say they
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have other expenses including buying their own instruments that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. similar funny says the wage proposal would keep the 105 member orchestra among the top 3 nationwide. >> most talented musician in the world and we are hopeful we can reach an agreement that recognizes that and at the same time tl move our organization forward. >>reporter: at this press concert the musicians told us while the similar funny hasen document nearing 300 million an has given hefty bone to us management, they are being offered a 3 year contract with no entry in the first year followed by one percent hike each of the next 2 of it. >> we are in a very wealthy institution and our treatment should absolutely reflect that. >>reporter: similar funny maintenance operating expenses are out pacing the operating income. >> as non-profit all of our finances are a matter of public record and we have been fully transparent with the finances.
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>> carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> fight is now under way to reopen access to a popular stretch of beach in half moon bay. today the surf rider foundation filed a lawsuit against the owns of property on martin beach in the hope it will help reopen the road to the leading to now inaccessible surf spot. the private property was purchased in 2008. owner then put debit on the only road to martin beach and hired a guard to watch it. >> from our point of view this would be no different than somebody buying up all the houses around golden gate park and putting a fence there to use it as their own back yard. >>reporter: surfer went past the gate today in protest. lawsuit says the owners of martin beach violated california coastal act by not obtaining legally required permits for thatxd gate. an attorney for martin beach issued a statement today and says we are anxious to have a court decide the right and obl oblss of the parties. martin beach access road is private. google today agreed to pay
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a 7 million dollar fine for collecting people's personal data without authorization. perhaps yours. as part of its street view service. an new documents reveal just how much google is paying out in bonus to 4 top executives. executive chairman and former boss schmid getting the largest amount. 6 million dollars for his performance last year. company top the lawyer david drum gets 3 million dollars while the chief financial and business of versus each getting 2.8 million dollars in bonus money. no bonus for google founders larry page and brine. 2 have gotten 1 dollar salary since the company went public in 2004. don't cry. the stock is worth billions of dollars. in the wrong business. >> we all are. >> all right to spencer here. you are peddling nasty weather these days. >> i am. i'm happy about. that would i like to have my billion dollar bonus. >> exactly.
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>> here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. it's looking like 1 million dollars. we have got fog at the coast. clear skies inland. this fog is going to start pushing across the bay locally inland during over nature hours and visibility right now is as you can see normal at most location but on the coast it's reduced just a bit down to about 7 miles at half machine bay where there is fog and the fog will reach other areas the opening hours. live view from the high definition roof top camera abc 7 along embarcadero clear sky where is we are. temperatures writ now 51 degrees at san francisco. 55 in oakland. 60 in san jose and another view of the bay bridge from high definition south beach camera downtown san francisco. temperature readings at 51 in santa rosa. 58 in fairfield and 60 in life more. here's look at our weather forecast featuresment areas of fog will continue to develop overnight and push locally inland from the coast. high pressure tomorrow new york 80 degrees in some inland
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locations and little change in this mild pattern through the end of the week. satellite image as we animate over the last 12 hours show high pressure still holding on deflecting jet stream well to the north so no weather disturbance headed our way. continue to have mild conditions and dry conditions right on through the weekend. things might change a little bit next week. overnight tonight fog presses onward through the bay and into the delta area. we see low pressure dropping into the mid upper 40's generally and only about 50 at oakland. 51 at san francisco. so pretty mild in some spots overnight. let's forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. official beginning of our rush hour then we'll be wide spread area of fog and obviously reduced visibility in many locations so if you are early morning commute please bear tonight mine. fog burning back to the coast by say midday early afternoon. those coastal area with fog hold on. high only around 58 to 60 but many coastal location will see high
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in the low 60's tomorrow. we'll see 70's around the bay and 80's in the mileest inland location so very, very mild spring lake day tomorrow. south by look for high up to 78 at san jose. 80 at los gatos. on the peninsula, we see high in the mid 70's most part. 75 at palo alto. and mountain view. on the coast 62 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco 68 63 sunset district. north bay mid upper 70's. 76 at santa rosa. 79 at calistoga. nearest bay mainly low 70's. inland east bay mainly upper 70's and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we see high in the upper 70's inland. right on through saturday. temperatures will gradually taper off after that. sunday is st. patrick's day and tuesday we get in creasing clouds. temperatures drop-off rather sharply. kil cool did you know but doesn't look like a rainy day at least not yet. >> very good news for you.
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always able weather presentation. management called. bonus is in. it's a dollar. >> 1 dollar. issue cherish it. >> you better there's not another one coming. >> i know. >> already coming up next. you have heard about a hole in 1. how about a 1 in hole. golf courses challenging but usually not like this one. we'll explain. >> man who grabs a 6 foot shark saves some kids and hailed a hero. why did his bravery cost him his job. stay with us 7 news at 9:00
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kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. a. >> good evening once again. faa approved boeing plan to redesign the litheum aye on
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battery on the dream liners. entire fleet of 55 jets has been grounded worldwide since january. that's when a battery caught fire on dream liner parked in boston and smoking battery forced emergency landing by another plane in japan. federal regulators say boeing plan requires series of test including flight test which must be passed before the 787 can return to service. >> more men are choosing nursing these days and as you might expect they are of earning more than women. according to the census bureau percentage of male nurse tripled from under 3 percent in 1970 to nearly 10% in 2011. on average male nurses earn more than 60,000 plus a year compared to 51,000 for females. now keep in mind much of that is because more men are nurse anesthesia that pay top escape. when they have higher wage and faster promotion in female occupation that's the glass
9:29 pm
keys laytor affect. interesting. >> golf interillinois is bringing whole new meaning to the phrase hole in 1 check it out. photo. members of mark foursome took down the sink hole this swallowed a man in missouri. 14 fair way of the golf course again in illinois. here's video of the course today. how big the hole is now. 18 feet deep by 10 feet wide. the friends used a rope to pull him up. he had a dislocated shoulder. the whole thing happened so fast that he just really could interest do anything. the scary part was that he didn't know when he would get hit the bottom. that is frightening. >> well, then, this. british man who is being called a hero for drag ago shark away from children. now he's been fired. why? because he was on sick leave when it happened. television craw captured the bravery of
9:30 pm
paul marshall on australian beach. he grabbed hold of the shark tail as it was threatening children playing nearby. watch this. the on lane footage went around the world and called a hero but not to his bosses. paul says his doctor told him to take a vacation to alleviate his stress. he says he should be congratulated not fired. >> well waiting and watching. cardinal from around the world resume voting in a few hours after failing to agree on new pope during the first day of the conclave. we have the latest from the vatican. >> military does an about face. why the new defense secretary is putting the brake on the department newest medal. >> app for the car that you are not going to pwleechlt i'm michael 7 open your side coming up. >> also here. potentially deadly side effect from a deadly side effect from a popular antibiotics. 7 news
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>> this is a live picture of vatican city and the end of day that was bursting with history. and majesty. cardinal are in the quarters tonight. there was no pope chosen today. the black smoke rose from the vatican. abc news reporter josh elliott on the pump and the protocol. >> rain fell crowds packed saint peter square lacking sky ward for the result of today first papal vote. but then the dense black smoke rose. indicating there was no consensus yet. just hours before the 115 voting cardinal entered today final mass perhaps sneaking in last conversation before heading to the conclave. some such as boston cdinal o'malley took the time to sit alone in prayer. 1 by 1 the cardinal
9:35 pm
walk down the isles before taking individual oath to obey the rules of the conclave that deman the utmost secrecy. if they ever break the silence they risk ex communication. >> cardinal do land thought to be a considerable contender final radio dispatch from rome before heading in conclave himself. >> sort of unique special morning. i never thought i would be doing what i am about to do. >>reporter: last word we hear from him for awhile. everyone out. and with that the doors closed. work of choosing a pope would truly begin. >> sanction ty in the air they are trying to see who does it belong to among these 115 cardinals. who is the person who is holy and that is the toughest judgment of all. >>reporter: then when the world sees white. in the sistine chapel the dean of cardinal ask the newly elected pope if he accepts the result.
9:36 pm
if he does, he is from that moment the new pope. chooses the name he will then be calle called. next he walks to the nearby room of tears. so-called because some newly elected pope have in the past cried there. they absorb enormity of the moment. he then dawn the new robe. puts the papal ring on the finger. led down the hall of blessings to the central window of saint peter basilica. where he is introduced to the masses with simple latin phrase. we have a pope. josh elliott abc news vatican city. >> the church in san jose keeps the doors open for worship today and most parishioners there worked in an extra prayer for the next pope. >> i'm just wishing that god will guide him how to solve the problems that we are facing right now. >> we hoping that the god all the governors they pick the rate person for that position.
9:37 pm
which is so pr for all of us catholic. >> sentiment echoed by so many catholic. >> history any indication it could be three days before the conclave pick as pochlt as cardinal gather in rome to changes the next pope who will inherit a scandal rocked church a priest in northern california stand accused of child molestation. reverend was arrested on suspicion of child molestation in yuba city. visiting from columbia. also accused of sexual battery. fair storm of protest from veteran groups and lawmakers defense secretary hagel is stopping production of new medal for pilots of unmanned drones. former defense secretary panetta ordered the distinguished war fare medal last month but critic say it shouldn't be ranked above the bronze star and purple heart to service members who fight under fire on the front lines. this was the first newcomb battery lited award since world war ii.
9:38 pm
defense officials said the ranking of new medal recognized the changing nature of war fare. pentagon is now conduct the ago review of all of this. decision is expected in 30 days time. >> a warning tonight about very popular antibiotics. fda says it could lead to sudden death for some people with certain heart conditions. chief medical editor richard vesser has the story. >> it's prescribed nearly 60 million times a year to treat common infections. ear note throat chest. so popular people ask for it by name. do you ever have a patient come in with a cold or flu who says dock, give me z pack. >> we have that all the time. >>reporter: the warning for some patients this drug can cause abnormal changes in the electrical activity of the heart which cab fatal. warning applies mainly to people with rare heart problems. people with low blood levels potassium and magnesium for these people
9:39 pm
the risk of sudden draevt is roughly 1 in 4000. tonight the manufacturer tells us they are updating the labels with the fda warning listing those conditions but many patients may not even know they have those conditions. all too often people ask for z pack when they feel sick. do you ever ask for it. >> oh, yes. >>reporter: what is the reputation. >> knocks it out. >>reporter: this fast. >> yes. >>reporter: israeli pack is safe for most people but to reduce the risk know your family heart history and your own. but the best advice? don't request antibiotics. they only work for some infections. >> you want to be the hero. make people happy. make people feel better that this was the answer. but it really isn't. >>reporter: but remember, antibiotics won't make you feel better if you only have a cold or flu. dr. richard vesser abc news new york. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. energy coup what may the next big energy snow showers japan cracked the code. >> and what rocks reveal about
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>> dramatic global energy toda today. first time ever japan tapped into its sea bed to secure methane hi great flammable ice. the team drilled into and then lowered the pressure in the reserve so the methane and ice could separate. natural gas was then piped to the surface. the volume may arrive at world cold smrichlt that's big deal for japan with no natural energy resources of its own and nuclear power plant destroyed in the quake and tsunami. but environmentalist caution that the resource is a green house gas. 25 times more polluting than carbon mox. so it is
9:44 pm
dioxide so mixed news. >> smart phone app automatic driving assistant released today and could change the way we drive. 7 on your side explains how it works. >> new app called a driving assistant and made by a company called automatic. here's the web site. here's the app in hand. here is where the magic begins. with the couple of beat and red to green light the assistant tells you it's working. the co-developer takes us out for a test drive. >> right now reading information such as the velocity. fuel efficiency dat data. and streaming from the car over blue tooth to the phone. >>reporter: keep track of your driving too. watch as jerry brake hard on purpose. telling you to watch it pal. >> this was a brake i took a little too hard. i should have eased into the light and just a
9:45 pm
little gentle reminder that watch where you are going. take an easier brake next time. >>reporter: if you accelerate too fast, too it beats. once you park it remembers where your car is located. it also shows you the exact route you took and how much it cost you to drive it. >> for example this trip i took was from san jose to san francisco and that trip took 5.16. i know that because the cost of it because it knows where you have stopped at gas station and the price of goods at that gas station. >>reporter: keeps track of gas mail annual for every trip and what you should have received according to the epa. if your check engine light goes on here on the dash board it goes on here in the app. it tells you what is wrong with the car. if it is a little job how you can fix it. >> now i fix the problem i'll turn off the check engine ligh
9:46 pm
light. tap here. turn it off. it's gone. >>reporter: also show is the location of local mechanic. >> if you get in a car crash the app calls 911 and 3 family members. telling them where the crash occurred. app being released today. link will ship in may and the cost of the automatic link the 69 dollar.95 there is no monthly fee. 7 on your side. >> that's wild. all right. student. rock star and the st[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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9:50 pm
the right elements opinion rals indicating a near neutral environment and slightly salty liquid water. all the pre-requisite to support life. >> curiosity drilled in the rock to get a powder sample then blasted it with the laser and x-rays to determine its composition. researchers from nasa aims part of the team that investigating that sample. amazing work. talk about what is going on on this planet. gorgeous weather. spencer back with the forecast. >> yes but was there weather? that's the question. we had weather her today. high pressure soared to well not summer like levels but certainly mid sprinkling levels upper 70's, 78 at clover dale ukiah 77 at clear lake 75 at santa rosa mid 70's in many location around the bay area today exploratorium had high of 65 so it was quite mild. mild again tomorrow. right now live doppler 7hd clear skies coastal fog beginning to push beyond
9:51 pm
the coast now. locally inland. that will be the pattern overnight. then tomorrow state wide mainly sunny mild to warm in most locations here in the bay area after overnight early morning fog we have sunny skies in the afternoon with some coastal fog lingering. high pressure tomorrow inland and around the bay in the 70's. in fact upper sfoys about 80 in the warmest inland location like livermore for example. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. this mailed weather will be with us through the weekend. upper 70's inland by the way sunday is saint patrick's day. but by tuesday we have our rather sharp change in our weather pat he were. nor cloud enter the skies. no indication of rain yet but at least a break from this wonderful mild sprinkling weather. >> we need a break from that. >> can't wait. >> let it break. >> thanks very much. >> nice story. college student in new york got the chance of a life time when he asked to perform with billy jolie and childhood idol said yes.
9:52 pm
>> if i could play with you? i would accompany you, that is. i would accompany you, that is. >> okay. >> i'm in a new york state of mind. [ playing piano]. >> he was impressed he said remember michael poll lack the guy has chops. wow! how neat is that. good for him. >> great experience. he can play is that i like billy jolie is okay then the kid comes up. he delivers. oh, i'm in a new york state of mind. taking my job. serious here bringing it. i lake it. >> in sports frainers lose couple of 43 agents in the rai raiders cut 2 veterans. former first round pick in for your first day?
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. folk learn toxic fume seeping up under their home. legacy haunts the neighborhood. >> little mistake how to make sure you get your tax return without the wait. those stories and more for you coming up on 7 news at 11:00. over on channel 7. but sports director larry hear with all the sports. a lot of football news. >> this is big day in the nfl because start of the new calendar year. 2013. raiders start with a machetee. cutting 2 former first round picks. make no mistake. these are not al davis raiders any more. silver and black cut hayward he was the pick in 09. if he ever really developed into the dynamic receiver that the raiders and specifically mr. mr. davis had been hoping for. also cut defensive back michael hough first round pick in the
9:57 pm
06 draft he played corner safety. he was pretty solid this past season. veteran after seven years. he's been released by the silver and black. 49ers are busy. formerly traded smith to the g. that agreed on two week ago and lost tight end walker. goes to continue see. he will presumably start there tight end valuable contributor of blocker special team walker has trouble with drops. late in the season especially but this is a loss given how much the frainers love to use the 2 tight end for mission. safety gold is a free agent looks lick he's leaving the friendshipers. he's interested in the long-term deal reportedly meeting with the buck nears. but no deal has been reached there as of yet. nose tackle . the universitying the 49ers of hawaii alum signed with the eagle 3 year 12 million dollars and it spelled s o p o ga. the
9:58 pm
niners could also lose ricky eugene france free agent as well. an tony traded by the ravens to the niners as soon as he got off plane in africa. on a charity mission from one harbaugh brother to another in a move he didn't see coming. >> for me it was initial shock. because hi no clue that i was going to be traded. >> to the ice now st. louis blue beat the sharks in play offs last year. over time 3 nights ago in san jose. they met again tonight. with similar results. brent burns season debut at forward how quick is this. bang bang right in front. still up 2-1 with 13 shots open goal. late second period. jackman. right to chris port they are came with 6 seconds left in the period. 3-one blue. in the third dan boyle one timer. bring the
9:59 pm
shark within 3-two minutes ago sharks turn it over and chris stewart puts it away. 4-2 the final. san jose lost 4 straight. how many times have you heard an athlete that leaves school early say we'll come back and get the degree some day. a lot of them don't do it. but as mike explains, nba hall of famer doing that and more in beforecly. 2 time nba champion isaiah thomas back in school at cal. 10 credit short of completing masters in education. >> being in the classroom again at this page as opposed to when i was 18 or 19 you know it's a little different. >>reporter: he left indiana after sophomore year and youn youngest of 9 children promised his mom he would get his degree in criminal justice he did 6 years later on mother's day. now at 51 he appreciates his education even more. >> i like the things i'm learning. definitely see things a little differently now


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